Thursday, May 10, 2012

Team Epic Development Fund

Dear Epic 4G community,

We have merged the Epic 4G donor list to Team Epic's new blog.  Your support has made it possible to raise nearly $5,000 in funds toward build server upgrades, phones and other development expenses.  This generous community underwriting has made it possible for the team to expand and begin to support development of other flagship Samsung phones on Sprint like the Epic Touch and Galaxy Nexus.

The team is is now fixing bugs to prepare for CM9 beta3 for Epic 4G.  A great many bugs have already been fixed and new features are working!  If you follow us on Google+ you can help us to test builds as we approach release.  Epic 4G is still a great phone and this team will continue to update CyanogenMod to support it for the foreseeable future.

In an unusual but highly successful move, we have invited Alias8818 of Epic 4G AOKP to collaborate on common issues as a member of Team Epic.  This has turned out to be a healthy partnership as we have learned about fixes in AOKP to merge into CM, and AOKP relies on CM for device bug fixes.

If you appreciate our work, please consider supporting our team with a tiny contribution of $5.  We are currently saving up reserves to purchase Sprint's upcoming SGS3 for our lead developers, as we believe it will be the best Android phone on Sprint.  We sincerely hope it will have a slider keyboard like the first generation SGS Epic 4G, but even without a keyboard it will be an awesome phone that we want CyanogenMod to work well with.

Thank you!


  1. AS far as I am concerned the more the merrier. I think it is a smart move and I will be looking for some good changes. Thank you

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  3. I am disappointed to see items like "proprietary SATA connector", and the mention of other servers when I see something like "2x6core Opteron 1U rackmount".

    The 300gb SSD for ~$500 is also disappointing. An SSD is understandable, but, 300gb, not so much.

    Also, the RAM upgrades . . either those servers are doing a lot more than building Android builds or the hardware is sitting there idle.

    Now . . if you're doing full hardware Virtualization, that's understandable, but, memory deduplication taken into consideration the suggestion that there is a need for more than 16gb of RAM is a bit hard to believe.