Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Customization Guide

Updated 9/30/2013:This guide is a menu of options to customize your experience after you have installed CM9 on the Samsung Epic 4G.

Voicemail Solutions
  • Google Voice
    • The top preferred method of voicemail on CM9 is with Google Voice.  If you don't know what it is, click on the link and watch the video.  There are two ways to use Google voice on your Sprint phone.
      • Sprint Integration: Google Voice takes over your Sprint phone number.  Incoming calls go to Google Voice first, then rings your Sprint phone.  You can control how calls are routed by logging into Google Voice using a full desktop web browser and from there you can customize your options.
        • Note: Most users are surprised by the Call Screening that is enabled by default with Sprint Integration.  Log into the website and turn it off if you do not want it.  Most people who want call screening set it to screen only people who are unknown to your Google Contacts.
      • Voicemail Redirection Only: Many users prefer to use Google Voice for only voicemail.  To do this, create your Google Voice account, then run the Google Voice app and skip integration.  It will tell you how to use dial codes to redirect incoming voicemail to your Google Voice number.
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • Sprint Visual Voicemail (updated May 11th, 2012)
    • Sprint VVM from the leaked E4GT FC07 ROM works on CM9.  Follow these instructions to enable it.
      • Find it on AOKP Epic 4G's blog.
        • Install this .zip file using CWM5.
        • Run the phone dialer app.
        • Settings > Voicemail service > My carrier
        • Run the yellow Voicemail app.  The first time you run it, it provisions visual voicemail and informs you near the bottom of the screen that it has succeeded.  If it failed, try wiping the app's data and try again.
      • Current Bugs
        • You still see text messages from 9016.  We will attempt to hide these in the next release in cases when Sprint VVM is installed.
        • GoSMS requires a configuration change in order for Sprint VVM to work.
          • GoSMS settings, select the advanced tab then select receive settings, lastly uncheck the box disable other message notifications. Then go back into the Sprint VVM app and send yourself a message, then all your voicemails will be downloaded.
Fixing Typical Annoyances
  • Launcher Options
    • Enable launcher auto-rotation.
      • CM9's Trebuchet Launcher defaults with auto-rotation disabled.  If you want it to auto-rotate on the home screen, you may customize the option in Settings > Launcher > General > Auto-rotate screen.
      • If this fails, your sensor calibration might be off.  Read below in this guide for how to fix your motion sensor calibration.
    • Disable annoying auto-add of Market apps 
      • By default the Android Market will put shortcuts to newly installed apps on your launcher's home screen.  If you want to turn this off, run Market, press Menu -> Settings and uncheck "Auto-add widgets" 
    • Turn off the persistent search bar
      • Settings > Launcher > Homescreen > Search Bar
    • Battery Percentage
      • It is handy to be able to view your battery percentage in the status bar.  You can enable this in Settings > Status bar > Battery status style > Percentage.
    • Customize the status bar
      • System Settings -> System-> Status Bar 
    • Customize the notification drawer
      • System Settings -> System-> Notification drawer 
    • Change your Ringtone
      • Default ringtone CyanTone is scary if you are not expecting it.  You may want to change it!
      • You can install additional ringtones as MP3 or OGG files in /sdcard/ringtones/.
    • Turn off the camera shutter sound
      • With the camera app open, use the volume toggle down to adjust the shutter volume.
    • Fix Auto Rotate with Motion Sensor Calibration
      • Currently only 3 of the 8 sensors of the Epic 4G are enabled on CM9 due to a bug.  Some users experience broken auto rotate because those 3 sensors happen to be not well calibrated. If the rotate settings do not work for you in CM9 (see above), try the temporary FC09 boot from sdcard utilty to calibrate your motion sensors.  This fixes it for most people.  We will enable the other sensors in CM9 in a future update.
    • Read our Battery Optimization Guide to improve your battery life in CM9.

    Recommended Apps
    • CM9 does not ship with a file manager.  We recommend ES File Explorer as it is an excellent file manager.  It comes with an archive unzipping tool, handy plain text editor, md5 and sha1 checksumming and many other useful features.
    • Swype Beta keyboard is a free and works great on CM9.  It optionally offers install of Dragon for voice recognition.
    • Thinkfree Office (Lite) works as an office file reader.  Unfortunately the bundled Thinkfree from Samsung's ROM does not work in CM9.
    • The best PDF reader is Repligo Reader.  If you need to read lots of PDF documents for school or work, it is totally worth the price due to its advanced features like text reflow and in-app highlighting and commenting.  It is really handy if you share your Google account with an Android tablet, as then you can use this great app on both devices.
    • Netflix works great on Epic CM9.
    • Do you have any recommendations for favorite apps on Epic?  Write comments below!
    More Customization
    Discuss the Customization Guide in this XDA Forum thread.