Monday, April 23, 2012

CM7 RC1-Update1 Released!

Exciting news for some of you: A new CM7 update!
This fixes some of the little bugs left in CM7:
  • Audio fixes:
    • The speaker volume has been boosted to match EL30 and CM9
    • The headset mic volume has also been boosted to match EL30 and CM9
    • Dock audio redirection has been enabled, but you'll need this app to use it
  • Liblight changes: Restored the Touchwiz stock 6 second softkey and keyboard backlight timeout
  • Sensors: A fix for a deadlock condition within the sensors, should fix issues with GPS navigation locking up
  • Tun: Tun is now built in, for anyone that uses a VPN
Check the CM7 Status Page for download links and more!

Coming soon: An optional kernel with a 1.2ghz step. There are some code conflicts to work out between the CM9 kernel implementation and the CM7 kernel, mostly due to the aggressive memory work for CM9. Check back later for status.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Update PRL and Calibrate Sensors for CM9 / CM10

Utility for CM9 / CM10 Epic 4G
This is a temporary ROM that boots Samsung's FC09 firmware entirely from sdcard without making any changes to the ROM installed on your phone.  Simply reboot to return to your normal ROM.  This sdcard ROM is useful for several purposes.
  • Settings > About Phone > System updates >
    • Update Profile.
    • Update PRL.
  • Settings > Display > Horizontal calibration
    • Do this if you have problems with auto rotate on CM9.
  • Sprint Activation.
  • Dial codes and diagnostic mode.
  • Test Samsung FC09 behavior to aid in CM development.
  • v4: September 28th, 2012
    • Fix kernel to boot from CM10.
  • v3: April 13th, 2012
    • FC09-based with working 3G, 4G, Update Profile, faster speed.
    • Uses 500MB on sdcard instead of 1GB.
    • Includes Connectbot and GPS Status.
  • v2: April 8th, 2012
    • Fixed 3G, 4G and Update Profile, and faster speed.
  • v1: January 25th, 2012
    • EL30-based
How To Use
  1. Download the epic4g-fc09-sdcard-utility-v4.tar.xz tarball.
  2. Unpack using 7-Zip (Windows) or Keka (MacOS X) or any other xz capable archive software.  Recent versions of Linux can unpack it with tar xfvJ filename.tar.xz.
  3. If you have v1 or v2, you may want to delete /sdcard/multiboot/EL30.
  4. Plug your Epic 4G into your computer and mount as USB storage.  Copy the entire multiboot folder into the base of your sdcard.  Safely remove the USB storage device from your computer to ensure it wrote everything properly.
  5. Boot into CWM5 on your Epic 4G.
  6. Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > multiboot > FC09 >
  7. WAIT.  It will take a while to boot.  You might see a " is not responding", do not worry, it is harmless.  Wait until Media Scanning is complete before doing anything.
  • DO NOT MOUNT USB STORAGE ON YOUR COMPUTER. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.  DO NOT USE AS DAILY DRIVER.  It will be a bit slow because your sdcard is slow.
[XDA Discussion] [Google+ Discussion] [Source]

If this tip was helpful, please consider supporting the Epic CM Team with even a tiny contribution. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

CM9 beta2 Android 4.0.4 for Epic 4G Released

The Epic CM team is proud to announce the release of CM9 beta2 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+Facebook, or Twitter for the latest news. This release contains bugfixes and a major version upgrade to Android 4.0.4!

Tour of Android 4 CM9 on Samsung Epic 4G
    Changelog of CM9 beta2 (see previous)
      • Wired Headset Microphone volume now louder in calls.
      • Loud Speaker Volume now louder.  Both phone calls and media (music, Netflix, etc.) should both be louder.
      • Added emulation for RotationVectorSensor2.
      • Android 4.0.4 brings a few fixes and improvements.
        • Users report a smoother overall experience and better battery life than 4.0.3.
        • One user reported sync with Exchange server failed in 4.0.3 but now works with 4.0.4.
        • Camera pinch to zoom.
      • Updated to 4.0.4 crespo blobs.
      • Enabled tun in the kernel for VPN users.
      • mdnie re-enabled.
      • The Epic CM team welcomes Alias8818 (AOKP developer) and gTan64 (Ubuntu developer) as new partners!  We have many of the same issues, so by collaborating hasten development of all three projects.
      • See bbelos' news update about progress on the kernel-3.0.x port.  gTan64 has been very helpful in fixing sdcard and audio!  Much work remains before kernel-3.0.x becomes usable on our phone.
      Release Notes
      See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

      If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!

      Monday, April 2, 2012

      EL30 to FC09 modem CWM upgrade Zip

      zanderman112 has taken the FC09 that was found on Google's servers and created a CWM flashable zip that will upgrade your EL30 modem to FC09. If you are currently on CyanogenMod (or any other mtd ROM), you will need to use the CWM5 BML kexec zip file found in this post.

      There has not been much testing as far as stability or performance on this modem, but if you would like to try it, here it is!

      Please note, if you decide to use the delta zip to upgrade your modem and you experience strange issues, you should assume your modem is corrupted and Odin back to EL30.  From past experience of delta flash upgrades EC05->EI22->EL30 it seems modem corruption happens 10-20% of the time, even with pure stock phones!  We have not seen any real difference with FC09 modem, so if your existing EI22 or EL30 modem is stable, you may be better off keeping your modem.  See this post if you need to flash the older modems.

      If you are on the FB15 modem, you must use Odin to load the EL30 modem if you want to upgrade to FC09 modem.

      Download EL30 to FC09 delta 
      Mirror: [1] | [2]

      Please reply in the comments or on Google+ with any issues you may have with the zip or with your experience with the new modem.

      Test Feedback Needed: Experimental Kernel saves 7MB RAM

      Update 4/7/2012: Due to code review we have decided to go with a more conservative 1.5MB RAM savings for the upcoming CM9 beta2.  We will further investigate for later releases if it is 100% safe to further reduce the RAM usage by reverting triple buffering to the video decoder double buffering behavior used in gingerbread.

      noobnl found a simple hack that reduces the kernel framebuffer memory, giving 7MB to userspace on Epic 4G.  We need your help to test this kernel and report any changes in behavior that you see.

      There *has* to be a drawback to this, perhaps in a very rare corner case.  If you find a failure case, please verify it by doing the reproducer on the previous kernel, then again on this kernel.

      This experimental kernel works with both CM9 beta1 and the experimental CM9 beta1-test-4.0.4 and contains the following changes since CM9 beta1's kernel.
      • mdnie enabled.
      • tun enabled for VPN users.
      • Kernel framebuffer memory reduced by 7MB.
      Please report any changes that you see here or in this Google+ thread.  Thanks!