Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CM9 beta4 for Epic 4G Release Notes

CyanogenMod's Team Epic is proud to announce the release of CM9 beta4 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. CM9 beta4 is contains mainly new features merged into CM9 since beta3.  Please follow us on Google+ and Facebook as we post the latest news and test builds there quite often.

Release Notes
  • If you have trouble with auto rotation after enabling the settings in the Customization Guide, try calibrating your sensors with the temporary FC09 sdcard utility.
  • If you use any 3rd party kernels, mods or "tweaks", please do not report any bugs to the CM team.  We are not able to help you if you have modified your operating system in any way.

Tour of Android 4.0.4 ICS CM9 on Samsung Epic 4G

Changelog of CM9 beta4 (see previous)
    • epicmtd: Fixed photo taking after video recording.
    • epicmtd Kernel: Add CIFS and FUSE.
    • Phantom Voicemail fix now merged in CM9.
      • Non-Sprint carrier users probably will want to enable Phone > Settings > Message Wait Indicator if they use non-visual voicemail.
    • Changes in CM9 since beta3.
      • Option to hide the IME switcher.  Settings > Language & input > Selector notification
      • Lockscreen Calendar.
      • Lockscreen Weather.
      • Apollo music app, although reportedly it needs more work to look good on smaller screens like Epic.
      • Lockscreen Shortcuts.
    • Key repeating in recovery enabled for epicmtd.
    See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

    If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Team Epic. Thank you!


    1. Thanks for ever improving awesomeness. Can we get a .zip to flash the new boot animation?

    2. Mounting as USB storage doesn't seem to work... :\

    3. On Beta4. Tried USB mounting and it works flawlessly on mine. Maybe try a new/different cable?

    4. Also 3 Way Calling has been fixed! Thanks CM Team!

    5. Bluetooth audio broke for me going from beta3 to beta4. Resynced with car, taking calls works, Ican have handsfree conversation. but playing audio music doesn't. Sometimes bt link will break and audio comes out of phone speaker so Iknow its a bt issue . Most of the time bt link works but no audio through car speakers. Subaru.

    6. After upgrading from a fresh and working install of the previous beta, I found the Market app was missing. Even worse, upon trying to install it again via the Market's website, it says my device is not compatible and refuses to download it.

      Anybody else getting this?

      1. Did you flash gapps after flashing Beta 4?

      2. No, I did not this time. I noticed it was the same 0429 version as I had installed for the past month before and declined another reinstall. But that makes a lot of sense now. I am an idiot. Hehe. Thanks.

    7. My 3g doesnt work if i dont have 4g enabled i have no data connection anyone know a fix or why this is happening ever since i upgraded to Beta4

    8. My flash player doesn't work all the time a few video chat sites Iget all video though

    9. is beta 4 signal reception better than beta 3?

    10. Can we get an option to change the lockscreen wallpaper!?

    11. Just suffered my third reset where it loads to the main screen, and all the sudden back to the CM9 load screen loads back in a non stop loop. This happens not at booting up the device but after the device has ran for several hours.

    12. I'm noticing that my bluetooth range is degraded in beta 4. When I switch back to my beta 3 back I don't seem to have a range problem. Anyone else noticing that?