This FAQs aim is to collect Epic 4G CM9 user questions (and their answers) into a single space to create an area for easy lookup.

Q:What is the latest version of CM9?
A: The latest Beta will always be in the install guide ; see the release notes to checkout what's new.

Q: CM9 fails to install, what should I do first?
A: Here are some general steps you can do yourself to troubleshoot your phone:
  • Always check and follow the steps of the CM9 Epic 4G Install Guide
  • Check the MD5 of a zip you're about to install beforehand. On Windows you can WinMD5 Free or HashCalc. After downloading, open this utility and point it to the downloaded zip. It will display the MD5 for the zip. Then copy and paste the MD5 shown on the download site and click verify. If this verification fails you will need to re-download the image.
  • To get the MD5 from your phone, various apps are available in the Market:
  • Download the CM9 zips from a different mirror and reflash.
  • Did you update CM9 Alpha Builds? While you can install over the top of a previous CM9 build, it is generally desirable to wipe factory/data, cache partition and Dalvik and then setup your phone for best results. If you did update over your last build and are having issues, try doing a backup of your phone, then wipe, reflash (CM9 and gapps) and setup your phone without restoring anything. You might find that it fixes a lot of issues.

Q:Why can't I move/organize any of my apps around in the app drawer?
A: This is the design of the CM9/ICS launcher. Apps are forced into alphabetical order. 

Q: Why won't Face Unlock work?
A: You need to be in a clear place with plenty of light for Face Unlock to properly capture your face, and you need to be steady for a good amount of time. Note that while we have verified that the feature works, the Epic front facing camera hardware has a low resolution, meaning even under best lighting conditions it rarely works.  We have heard that future versions of gapps are removing Face Unlock because it is not really usable.  If you really want it to install, create a blank file at /sdcard/.forcefaceunlock before you install gapps.

Q: Why does every new app I download make a short cut on the home screen?
A: This is optional. To disable it, go to the Market, press Menu -> Settings and uncheck "Auto-add widgets"

Q: I upgraded to CWM5 and tried to install CM9 and now I get "Assert Failed Getprop" and it stops. Now it is stuck in a boot loop.
A: Don't flash another recovery. If you plan on using ROM Manager, hit menu, manual flash override, pick Epic-MTD and clockwork 3.x.x.x to have it use the 5.5 as well.

Q: Which modem is best for CM9?
A: Most users are using EI22, EL30, FB15, FC09.  There does not seem to be any difference.

Q: Is there anyway to change lock screen actions besides camera and unlock or is that upstream?
A: These options are not yet implemented.

Q: Is the auto flash for camera working for anyone? If flash is turned on manually, it works. Otherwise, no flash at any scene.
A: This is a known issue which has been acknowledged in the bug trackerWorkaround: In order to get it to work you first have to turn flash ON, then set flash back to auto.

Q: Do you have to be on MTD to flash this rom?
A: It auto converts from BML if you flash from CWM5.   ACS recovery may cause unexpected problems, so you are advised to switch to official CWM5 before flashing CM. 

Q: If I were to flash a theme and then make a backup, I wouldn't be able to restore it properly correct? I could be wrong, I just don't remember what the whole issue with the themes and the backups was?
A: Basically. When you restore a backup with a theme it will go into a boot loop. Instead reflash the ROM and do an advanced data restore and it will work fine. Then reflash the theme if desired.

Q: The Facebook app isn't working right. How can I sync Facebook contacts?
A: Please see this issue. You can use FriendCaster or  Haxsync ($0.99) for contact sync, high res pics and fb friend updates.

Q: Google Search kept force closing on me after install. What can I do?
A: Use Titanium Backup to wipe data.

Q: Why doesn't the "Alternate signal display" option make a difference?
A: UPDATE: This feature is now implemented in beta 0.

Q: Why isn't Google Maps preinstalled?
A: Google Maps isn't included in gapps. You can install it from the Market. 

Q: Why isn't YouTube preinstalled?
A: YouTube is not included in gapps. You can install it from the Market.

Q: How to I update my PRL, Profile or Calibrate Sensors?
A: Please see this issue. You can use this blog for instructions on how to temporarily boot FC09 from your sdcard, where you can update PRL, Profile, Activate or calibrate sensors.

Q: My boot animation doesn't run, what can I do to fix it?
A: Using a file manager, look for this file /data/property/persist.sys.nobootanimation and delete it. 

Q:How can I customize CM9?
A: Please visit our Customization Guide for launcher, status bar and other settings.

Q: Is there anything I can do to increase battery life?
A: Please visit our Battery Optimization Guide for some helpful tips.

Additional apps and CM9

Q: I'm trying to get Google Voice to screen my calls, but I can't seem to find a setting that will change the behavior on how calls are answered. When a call comes in, the lock screen pops up, I swipe to the right, and the call is answered. I'm looking to be able to screen the call while voicemail is activated. I'm pretty sure all the settings are correct on/in Google Voice. Am I missing the options I need to select on the phone or is this a product of still being in alpha?
A: It's the behavior of answering calls on this ROM.

Q: When a call comes in, it wants me to swipe right to answer, up to send text or left to ignore. I want to be able to see the incoming call without answering it and be able to hear Google Voice announce the caller, then select the behavior i.e. listen while the voicemail is being made.
A: You have to log in on a PC and all the settings are there. You cannot change that from the app. Set it to announce calls on your PC then when you slide to answer, it will play the announcement and tell you to select 1 to answer.

Bug tracking and reporting

Q: I think I found a bug, what should I do?
A: First, make sure you can duplicate it. Next check the bug tracker to see if it's been reported already. If not, create a new ticket with as much detail as possible on the issue. The more detail you provide, the easier it is for us to identify the problem and repair it.

Features not yet implemented
  • Flashlight button in the status bar is not yet functional
  • Theme changer has not been implemented upstream.
  • Voodoo sound is not included in the stock kernel.
  • Alternate signal display option
  • System -> Lock screen options
Future features & functions
  • Facebook sync
  • PRL updates
  • Profile updates


  1. I have been running CM9 beta2 since it was release and I just updaterd to CM9 beta3 when it was released. The phone was operating correctly until today it was running tremendously slow. I Did a battery pull to reboot the phone and the phone will not boot now, it appears as if it is booting but the boot animation is extremely slow. I let phone boot for several hours and still get nowhere. What happened and can I get some guidance as to what steps to take in correcting this issue. I have followed the CM9 install diretions to a T everytime I flashed the updated ROM. Please help.

  2. Speaker phone issue for me since I first installed...Been on this rom for two versions, Thinking about installing Beta 3...Anyone else have this problem? is there a separate speaker phone app I can install? Other party hears themselves echo. On my end it is fine Thanks!

    1. This a known issue; check the release notes above for b3.

  3. I've been having an issue with ringtone disappearing since the alpha days. I've been waiting for a fix, but one has not been forthcoming. Randomly, it seems, the ringtone is replaced by "unknown ringtone," which is silent. I have tried hiding the ringtones in internal storage , forcing the system to use the ringtones on my sdcard, and I've tried hiding the ringtones on my sdcard so that only the internal ringtones are available. In either case, the ringtone will change spontaneously to "unknown ringtone." I've tried a clean install, to no avail.

    This issue does not seem to be the missing ringtone from sdcard issue because the ringtones never actually disappear. When this happens all I have to do to get my ringtone back it to re-select it from the ringtone list, either from internal memory Jr from the sdcard.

    While annoying, this issue isn't a deal breaker since the vibration mode is unaffected. Nonetheless, this issue shouldn't exist. Does anyone have any ideas?

  4. I can not get my mms to download, any recommendations?

  5. Bluetooth does not seem to work properly with CM9 Beta 3? On stock android 2.6, my phone will sync with my car's bluetooth system, however, on CM9, bluetooth will not work properly. Is this a know issue?

  6. Do you have to do a complete data wipe when flashing just from CM9 beta3 to CM9 Beta4? my thoughts are just cache and dalvik cache