Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boot CWM5 BML from sdcard, NO FLASH

Samsung Epic 4G owners who have converted their phones to MTD partition layout can "flash" this in MTD recovery.  It temporarily boots CWM5 BML, allowing you to flash modem upgrades without wiping your phones back to BML layout.  You may safely ignore the error messages when this CWM starts.  This CWM is not written to your phone, so the next time you run recovery it will be MTD CWM.

Requirement: Your CWM MTD recovery kernel must support kexec.  CM7 kernels nightly 12+ support kexec.

md5sum bb5a10ae66eb4d39fea0f18bf361329e

[XDA discussion]

Thanks to mkasick for making kexec possible on the Epic 4G, and to DRockstar for CWM5.

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  1. Yhu can download rom manager flash the recovery from them and reboot the phone into recovery mode and flash the modem zip. :)