Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Support Epic CM

UPDATE Feb 1st, 2012:
Please read the Status Update.

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Hello community,

I've often received messages that request that I allow for the option to have some kind of reimbursement for the effort or time that is put into this project. With EpicCM being a team effort, it wouldn't be "fair" to have donations go to particular people or to figure out how to equitably distribute donations to the CM developers.

Through a very luminous idea by Warren, we have hopefully come to a very clean and very efficient solution.

The solution is simple: we currently have monster build server that can be used by the Epic CM team on a University campus.   However, this current monster build server is in need of much upgrading to have the raw power necessary for rapid ICS builds.  We developers do dozens of builds a day as we debug issues, so faster builds saves us considerable time and helps to bring fixes to the community sooner.
    This is where you, the community, can contribute to our project. All the donations will directly be contributed to upgrade the monster build server. This way, we can have a robust solution which will allow for quicker builds and quicker debugging sessions for the task that has become ICS. This is not a request for contribution from the community, but a solution for those that would like to contribute voluntarily.

    Even the smallest of contributions make a difference!  We are a large community, so if even a fraction of Epic CM users donate only $5 we can easily make this goal.

    When you donate, please write under "add special instructions to recipient" what name you want to be thanked publicly in credits, or if you rather remain Anonymous.  Also indicate what features in particular you care most about.  Some examples people already wrote: VM support, continue fixing CM7, fix MMS, audio dock support, voodoo sound/color, overclocking/undervolting support, etc.  While we cannot make any guarantees, voting with your dollars tends to be more effective than complaining on forums.

    Please note that these contributions are not payments, so don't expect things.  The rules remain the same, don't ask for ETA's, it takes us time to stop and answer questions.

    - wtogami, EpicCM Team

    ... See the list of Epic CM donors ...


      1. Donated. Thank you so much for your hard work!

      2. I'm in Colorado not Oregon, but its all good! :) Gret Job guys! Thank you very much for all you guys have done to support the epic!

      3. just a suggestion what ever left over there is donate to the main CM team.