Thursday, January 26, 2012

CWM modem upgrades: EC05 to EI22 or EL30

You can use Odin or Heimdall to flash the full EC05 modem binary, download links and instructions are available in the XDA modem thread.  CM users must use this special BML-capable CWM that boots from sdcard in order to flash the below modem updates!  Save it on your sdcard along with your desired modem upgrade .zip.

Upgrading to EI22 modem - currently CWM flashing from EC05 is the only way to install the EI22 modem.
md5sum 7832dc8545dd3dc2d267fc2b31f8ca23
md5sum af7360bca8beea9829cb87dddaef8acc
md5sum 002807b930c1f91b0c8792f41bd0f9d5

NEW! EL30 modem is now available for Odin flash.  See here for downloads and a video demonstrating how to flash it.
NEW! FC09 modem is available for CWM delta flash.  See here for release notes.

Some users have reported that they need to boot into Samsung's stock EL30 in order to update Profile and PRL after updating the modem.  If you are having data issues after upgrading the modem, a convenient method is via the temporary EL30 from sdcard.  Data will not work while booted in EL30 sdcard, but you will be able to update Profile and PRL and reboot back into CM7 where data should work.

Warning: Delta modem upgrades often result in a corrupted modem.  If you have weird issues after an upgrade, reflash EC05 or EL30 with Odin and try again.

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