Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fix wifi on Epic 4G

These instructions are to help fix Wifi issues that some people have with EI22 or CM7 firmwares.  For example, EI22 for some people will disconnect and reconnect wifi repeatedly.  CM7 for some people has connection problems with wifi.  This procedure seems to fix wifi for many people, although we don't know why.
  1. Follow these instructions for the Odin recovery tool and flash the stock tar image to restore your Epic to EC05.
    • Use a better USB cable.  The one that came with the Epic most often will fail.  If Odin fails, your USB cable is probably bad.  I had to try three different USB cables until I found one that worked reliably.
  2. Boot your phone with stock EC05 and test wifi.  It should be stable.  DO NOT ROOT
  3. Download this file, put it in /sdcard, and rename to update.zip.
  4. 3-finger boot into stock recovery.
  5. Update will flash to EI22 stock.
  6. Boot your phone with stock EI22 and test wifi.  It should be stable.  DO NOT ROOT
  7. Put your desired custom ROM in /sdcard.
  8. Go here and download cwm-
    •  Run Odin.
    • Uncheck auto-reboot!!!  If you don't, it will reboot into stock EI22 which will overwrite with stock recovery, undoing your CWM5 BML install.
    • Flash it using the PDA slot.
    • Remove the battery to power off.
  9. 3-finger boot into CWM5 BML.  Flash your custom ROM.  Wifi should now be working.

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