Monday, April 23, 2012

CM7 RC1-Update1 Released!

Exciting news for some of you: A new CM7 update!
This fixes some of the little bugs left in CM7:
  • Audio fixes:
    • The speaker volume has been boosted to match EL30 and CM9
    • The headset mic volume has also been boosted to match EL30 and CM9
    • Dock audio redirection has been enabled, but you'll need this app to use it
  • Liblight changes: Restored the Touchwiz stock 6 second softkey and keyboard backlight timeout
  • Sensors: A fix for a deadlock condition within the sensors, should fix issues with GPS navigation locking up
  • Tun: Tun is now built in, for anyone that uses a VPN
Check the CM7 Status Page for download links and more!

Coming soon: An optional kernel with a 1.2ghz step. There are some code conflicts to work out between the CM9 kernel implementation and the CM7 kernel, mostly due to the aggressive memory work for CM9. Check back later for status.


  1. lol how many people thought this was CM9 RC1. i mean becides me

  2. that was my initial thought too...

  3. why would someone use this over cm9?

    1. Better battery and rock solid for me. I does everything I need it to do fast. CM9 is solid never really had a issue other then battery life. I just tried CM9 again because people where saying better battery life with beta 2. I didn't see it so went back CM7 from my nan.

  4. Because the battery life is by far the best iv seen on any rom and its performance is fanstastic. Not saying aokp nor cm9 is bad in anyway but cm7 is just a better experience for me atleast and shouldn't be overlooked.

  5. This is the perfect rom for the epic 4g. ICS is impressive but it always feels like my epic is struggling to keep up with the OS. With CM7 it flies.

  6. what's the deal with CM7 RC3? seems to be working well but i'd love a change log. also is there any chance that streaming audio will be fixed?