Monday, April 2, 2012

EL30 to FC09 modem CWM upgrade Zip

zanderman112 has taken the FC09 that was found on Google's servers and created a CWM flashable zip that will upgrade your EL30 modem to FC09. If you are currently on CyanogenMod (or any other mtd ROM), you will need to use the CWM5 BML kexec zip file found in this post.

There has not been much testing as far as stability or performance on this modem, but if you would like to try it, here it is!

Please note, if you decide to use the delta zip to upgrade your modem and you experience strange issues, you should assume your modem is corrupted and Odin back to EL30.  From past experience of delta flash upgrades EC05->EI22->EL30 it seems modem corruption happens 10-20% of the time, even with pure stock phones!  We have not seen any real difference with FC09 modem, so if your existing EI22 or EL30 modem is stable, you may be better off keeping your modem.  See this post if you need to flash the older modems.

If you are on the FB15 modem, you must use Odin to load the EL30 modem if you want to upgrade to FC09 modem.

Download EL30 to FC09 delta 
Mirror: [1] | [2]

Please reply in the comments or on Google+ with any issues you may have with the zip or with your experience with the new modem.


  1. So... Last week I went from midNIGHT ROM 3.1 to CM9 Beta 1. I love how nicely everything's working. So then I just read this post today and I decided to check my About Phone. My Broadband says S:D700.0.5S DK28.

    I don't really understand about different modems and all so I don't know if I should change that? Everything's set up on my phone just how I like it and I'd hate to go through wiping again.

    Advice please? Thanks for your great work on CM9. Looking forward to Beta 2!

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  4. I tried to flash this on my EPIC 4G and got no error messages but the kernel status does not change. I wiped cache and dalvik cache prior to applying the zip but my status remains the same even though it seems to be updating according to the scrolling messages. Not sure what's going wrong. Here's my status:

    Kernel version (warren@asgard #32)
    Mod Version: 9-20120318-SNAPSHOT-epicmtd-beta1
    Baseband Version: S:D700.0.0.5S.EL30
    Build Date: Sun Mar 18 14:02:06 HST 2012

  5. better N speeds to the tune of 2Mbps. Now my phone and laptop get the same averaged results.

    Extra bar O' 3G signal where I had one shifty 1X before.

    Wil see how GPS does in the way to work.

    Would this affect Bluetooth at all?

  6. im on EI22, go to EL30 first or straight to FC09?

    1. I get the following message:

      "Attempting modem update to FC09...
      script aborted (no error message)E:Error in /sdcard/
      (Status 7)
      Installation aborted."

      I am trying to update directly from EI22 to FC09.

    2. I had the same challenge. this is what worked for me:
      got the ei22 to el30 delta and flashed that with the BML-from-sdcard method, verified baseband is el30
      then rebooted into cwm and tried the el30 to fc09 file that failed before = worked great this time.
      currently running CM9 beta4 on fc09

  7. I ran this, from EL30, and ran it but in the device settings it still had EL30 as baseband, so I Odined the phone with an EL09 download, which seems to have worked.

  8. Download links have been down, any chance we could get a new on up please?

  9. mirror links are not working :(

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  11. what is the name of the file to put on sd card in order to upgrade to FC09 from EL30? I have an epic 4g sph-d700 Thank you