Sunday, February 19, 2012

CM9 alpha4 for Epic 4G released

The Epic CM team is proud to announce the release of CM9 alpha4 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.

Release Notes - IMPORTANT
  • You must install the new after you install alpha4 or some components will be missing.
  • Do not restore backups of core system app data, like for Phone, Contacts, Messaging or Calendar.  Doing so will likely break MMS or Calendar sync.
  • Alternate Kernels, Themes or Mods you download from other sites replace arbitrary chunks of the operating system.  If you change the operating system, you are no longer running Epic CM9 alpha4.  If you run into trouble, you need to seek support from the author of that mod. If you reinstall CM9 stock OS + kernel and are still able to reproduce the bug, then you may seek support here. 
  • Fixed the much hated Ringing of Death bug.  This was the short chirp before the ringtone, or constant ringtone that would play during or after an incoming call.
  • Fixed ICS multitouch protocol in qt602240 driver.  This should make it possible to play certain multitouch games like Dead Space.  It also fixes the touchscreen driver with CWM 5.8+ (not released by koush yet).
  • LED notifications have been changed to enable significant power savings.  LED notification has been changed to blink every 15 seconds, roughly matching the delay in Samsung's EL30.  This alone eliminates ~71% wakelocks, while previously the CPU was unable to sleep at all while the notification LED is blinking.
  • LED notifications may be turned off entirely for additional power savings.  Settings > Display > Pulse notification light.  This allows you to continue to hear the notification chime and vibration without the added battery drain of LED blinking.
  • Adjusted heap settings to match crespo.  This is very similar to a popular tweak in the forums.  It prevents some Out of Memory crashes (i.e. NPR News).  You can use these three lines in /system/build.prop to benefit from this tweak prior to alpha4.
    • dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=5m
    • dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=48m
    • dalvik.vm.heapsize=128m
  • Dialer will no longer lockup in rare occasions.
  • Numeric battery % indicator now works!
See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!


  1. Any chance we'll see Swype in Alpha 5?

  2. @Timothy, the goal of CYANOGEN(mod) is to provide a souped up AOSP Android experience (like the Nexus devices, but better). Since Swype is not an AOSP app, it won't even appear in CM. You can still manually download it from the Swype website.

    Also, if I may, check out Touchpal Keyboard on the Android market. It's free (no ads), and it's actually way better than Swype in a lot (but not all) ways. Check it out!

  3. If this sounds like an ETA, then I am sorry. It is not my meaning. I was just wondering what more needs to be done before it gets out of alpha status? Again this isn't an ETA request, nor is it me telling you to "get to work!" You guys are doing an amazing job. Alpha 4 is awesome. This is purely curiousity! Thanks for all you do!

  4. If I'm just updating from prior alphas of CM9, do I need to do the full wipes? I just hate having to re-setup my home screens (restoring apps via MyBackup Pro) :).

    1. I was wondering this myself, so after backing up I tried it. I flashed CM9 and the gapps package. It seems to have worked just fine.

    2. Thanks, yeah, me too. And there was an "optimizing apps" process which kicked off on first reboot, so perhaps this is an informally sanctioned procedure :).

  5. It saids we can't flash alternate kernels, so will flashing the "Shadow Kernel v0.4.0 for CM9 ICS" change the fact that I'm still on CM9 ICS?

    the kernel:

  6. what do you guys mean by backing up contacts? Do I have to write them all down? Or can I still back them up with Google?

  7. Says "Core Apps" Elliot. Which means, the contacts application, not your contacts list.