Monday, February 13, 2012

CM9 alpha3 for Epic 4G released

The Epic CM team is proud to announce the release of CM9 alpha3 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+.  Read what is coming soon in alpha4.

Release Notes - IMPORTANT
  • Help Needed! We have identified a serious but rare issue called the Ringing of Death that a few CM9 users have reported.  We were unable to fix it for alpha3, but we suspect it has something to do with audio routing from the radio.  It would help tremendously if we can figure out a reproducible method to trigger this bug.  Please follow the directions and report here if you have any experiences with this issue and have time to help.
  • If you are upgrading from alpha2...
    • Go into Mobile Network's settings page and select Auto:Domestic Roaming.  This will make sure that if you unintentionally disabled Roaming in a previous alpha release it will work.  Data wipe does not fix this issue it is stored in the radio NVRAM.
    • If you use Sprint VM and are not clearing data go into the Phone app and open Settings>Voice Mail Settings and change the VM number from *86 to your phone number.
    • The Install Guide has a new version of gapps-ics.  You really do not need to upgrade unless you want working Picasa sync integrated with Gallery.  It also fixes automatic reinstall of your previous apps from Market.
  • Battery Related
    • Fix automatic brightness setting.  In alpha2 you could save power by turning off automatic brightness and manually reducing brightness. This is fixed by updating the array values for brightness levels to match CM7 and stock.  This reduces wasted power and hot screens reported by some users.
    • Capacitive buttons backlights (Menu, Home, Back, Search) now mimic TW behavior by turning off the backlight after a 6 second timeout.  This both saves battery and improves the user experience in darkness.
    • Fix the power profile.  Previously battery usage blame percentages were less accurate.
    • LED charging indicator no longer turns off after you dismiss a notification.
  • Switched to crespo kernel audio driver.  The kernel audio driver (wm8994) now matches the userspace driver (libaudio) we added in alpha2.  Should hopefully resolve speakerphone mic issues.
  • Voicemail default number is set to your phone number and not *86 by default on new installs.
  • MMS now shows profile faces.
  • Fix roaming bug.  Prior to alpha 3 opening Mobile Networks settings unintentionally disabled roaming.  Folks upgrading from alpha2 should open System settings and ensure Auto: Domestic Roaming is selected to enable roaming support.
  • Added roaming options.  Alpha3 includes domestic, international, both, and no roaming options as found in gingerbread TW ROMs.
  • Fixed the annoying "Data usage warning" that was previously impossible to dismiss from the notification window.
  • Removed Chinese and Japanese IME.  Install the better IME's from Android Market if you need Asian language input.
See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!


  1. Upgraded from Alpha2 to Alpha3-only issues is that have constant voicemail icon showing no matter what I do-have a sprint Epic and using Google voice. Any help???

  2. do i need to wipe going from alpha 2 to 3 ?

    1. I would also like to know this. I got too antsy and just did it anyway. I'd rather not have unreportable bizarre behavior. Epic CM Team? Do we need to wipe between alpha versions?

  3. Marshall, you might have an issue with Sprints voicemail provisioning. I had to de-provision voicemail to the Epic, provision to a non-smartphone, leave a message, delete it, and then de-provision and re-provision to the Epic. I think it has something to do with their crappy approach to competition for visual voicemail like Google Voice.

  4. When I sent to CM9, the Google Voice settings were reset for a reason unknown to me. I had to go into Google Voice and just set everything as I did originally to get my phone to answer my Google Voice phone calls. I hope this helps. -Frederico