Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coming soon in CM9 alpha4 for Samsung Epic 4G

UPDATE 2/19/2012: CM9 alpha4 has been released.

We update this page often as things are fixed, so check back periodically.

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    Release Notes
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    Stuff We Should Do for alpha4
    • Review updated patch
    • Write a QA testing release checklist.
    Work in Progress
    • Please see the Epic CM Issue Tracker to see currently known issues and what the developers are currently working on.  More details are available in the CM9 Status page.


    1. I have got to say, you guys freaking rock! This ROM has been a life changer for me. I have been using this since alpha 2 and the battery life I am getting is amazing! My phone goes through a lot of heavy use at work with phone calls, email, texting and surfing the internet for technical documents and while on GB EL30 I was getting right around 6 hours a day of use before I had to recharge (15% of battery remaining) to now getting almost 13 hours before the battery reaches to the same mark. I have become addicted to this thread and will continue to cheer you guys on!!!!!!!! Again Thanks.

    2. Great job on everything i really love the rom so far. Just one thing is that none of the Dialer Codes work like ##8778# to get into a certain modes.