Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hardware Purchased, More Progress

It took us a few days to decide what hardware to purchase for the team's build server.  We originally planned on upgrading an existing University's server with an additional Xeon processor, RAM and SSD in order to allow it to build Android very quickly.  Unfortunately, it became cost prohibitive to find a guaranteed-to-work Xeon as it must match the existing processor down to the stepping level.  We then discovered that for little more than the price of the Xeon alone, we can buy an entirely new 1U rackmount server with 2 x 6 core Opteron processors.  This new plan is superior as by late February, we will have this monster build server in Uberpinguin's basement.

Epic CM Team's Build Server
  • 2x6 core 3.1GHz Opteron
  • 300GB Intel 320 SSD
Fund Raising Status Update
  • As of February 3rd, 2012, $2,568 has been donated from 127 members of the Epic Community.
  • We are now in the process of ordering hardware.
  • We now recommend donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation as they do good work to protect our digital rights and privacy.  However, if you insist on giving your thanks to the Epic CM team, here is how you can donate to support us.  Future donations will go toward supporting CM upstream, hardware repairs and future dev phones.  Our expenses will be published publicly in this spreadsheet.
  • Read here and here for earlier posts about the fund drive.

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