Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Important Announcements

CM9 Notes
  • Random Timing for New Releases.  Currently CM9 does not do nightly or weekly builds.  We will release new builds of CM9 for Epic 4G when there are worthwhile fixes or feature improvements and we are reasonably satisfied with stability testing.
  • EI22 or EL30 modem recommend.  If you are running EC05 modem firmware, you are recommended to upgrade to EI22 or EL30.  If your phone is running CM or any MTD ROM, you will need the temporary CWM BML launcher in order to flash the modem upgrade.
  • Broken Facebook Sync, Stop Blaming Google.  I see people in the forums blaming Google for the broken Facebook sync in CM9.  The Epic CM team supports Google's stance that Facebook needs to use the official API to sync contacts.  Google is on the right side of this data portability issue, as it is Facebook that is restricting your ability to easily export your contacts for use in other applications.
  • Stop Restoring Backups of App Data.  CM9 natively has almost zero Force Close crashes.  Many reports of app crashes in the forums are the result of restoring old, incompatible app data.  In some cases restored data causes MMS to fail.  Start fresh with CM9 to maximize your experience.  Use AppBakSMS Backup and Restore, and Call Logs Backup and Restore from the Market to cleanly reinstall most of your apps with fresh data, then restore your SMS and Call history.
  • Stop Blaming CM9 for Problems caused by other Kernels or Overclocking.  I frequently see people complaining about weird issues and crashes on CM9 when they are using non-standard kernels, overclocking or undervolting.  If you are using non-standard kernels and experience an issue, please verify that the bug really does occur on the CM9 official kernel before you blame CM9.  If it happens only in the non-standard kernel, please complain to that kernel's author in order to avoid confusing the CM9 community.
CM9 Tips and Tricks
  • Screenshot: Hold VolDown+Power and it will take a screenshot.
  • Silence Camera: To silence the camera, volume down button in the camera app.
  • Flashlight: Tiny Flashlight apparently is the only working flashlight on CM9.  CM upstream did not port the native Torch app yet.
  • Update PRL, Calibrate Sensors: For now, you need to temporarily boot EL30 stock from sdcard in order to do these functions.
Epic CM Community
  • Epic IRC Chatroom.  Please join us for live chat on irc.irondust.net channel #epic or use webchat.
  • Follow the Blog.  Updates like this will be posted frequently on Epic CM team blog
  • If you appreciate our work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team.

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