Monday, February 27, 2012

Flashable Bootanimations for the Epic 4G

Customize your Epic 4G boot animation with our CWM5 flashable .zip's below.  These should work on any Epic 4G ROM, BML or MTD, stock Samsung-based, CM7 or CM9 as long as your CWM5 has a proper /etc/fstab.  These are installed as /data/local/, which means it persists through future upgrades of CM9 until you remove it.  Below we also provide a convenient add-on boot animation remover.

  • CM9 version 2, 24fps (as included in CM9 beta1 through beta4 for Epic 4G)
    md5 7006a66c8c24b31be4df2fc1880b8b2b
    • Flash this if you want the old Andy boot animation.  Use the Remover below to revert to the boot animation included in your ROM.
  • CM9 version 1, 40fps (TOO BIG AND SLOW)
    md5 9500153830ca6bd31144f8d2cd0a9330
    • Full CM9 animation, optimized by Rodderik for smaller file sizes. This matches the boot animation in the original Youtube video.  The frames per second and file sizes are so large that it substantially slows booting your phone.
    • This is why we didn't include this in CM9 alpha5.  The version included in CM9 alpha5 is only the last half, and with half frames removed, and at almost 25% the frame rate in order to allow the phone to boot faster.
  • ICS stock animation
    md5 8625a2a234d3aadd4b982d849ff7a1a9
    • Nexus ICS stock animation (below).