Monday, March 12, 2012

CM7 Beta 1 Released

Well folks, its that time!
Yes, for those of you still using good ol' CM7, there's a new version for you!
The Epic CM team is proud to announce CM7 beta 1 for the Samsung Epic 4g. This new build has very few bugs, and some fixes backported from CM9. This is the last chance to test before RC1!

  • Radio Fixes, such as the 'Ring of death' issue and the "Call has been lost" dialog on a far-end call hangup
  • Audio fixes, which improve sound quality and allow better in-call volume changing
  • Disappearing sdcard ringtone fix. Changes to the media provider to keep ringtones from disappearing randomly.

Check the CM7 Status page for download links and installation directions.
If you still have any issues with CM7, you can report them to the thread on xda.


  1. I am new to all this, what is the difference betewen CM7 and CM9 ???, sorry if this is a stupid question!

    1. CM7 is Gingerbread (GB) and CM9 is Ice Cream Sammich (ICS)

    2. Thank you Gravy!. Now is clear!.

  2. Oh and cm7 has about twice as much battery life. I could go through my 8.5 hour shift and leave with 60 .on cm I leave with the extra battery at 90%