Sunday, March 18, 2012

CM9 beta1 for Epic 4G Released

The Epic CM team is proud to announce the release of CM9 beta1 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter for the latest news!  This release contains bugfixes and a few minor features since beta0.
Tour of Android 4 CM9 on Samsung Epic 4G
Changelog of CM9 beta1 (see previous)
  • Voicemail Notification option for those suffering from the "Phantom Voicemail" bug.  Phone < menu button > Settings > Voicemail Notifications is disabled by default.  Epic users on non-Sprint or overseas CDMA carriers may want to enable this option if they want voicemail notifications.
  • CM9 boot animation version 2
  • Device Encryption kernel support enabled.
    • Currently Untested!  Not compatible with CWM! Do not use!
  • 1.9MB memory freed by disabling the FIMC1 mmap and reducing mmap usage for the JPEG driver.  It is unclear what if any negative effects this causes.  crespo is also testing this currently.
  • Disable Samsung's mdnie improves color quality.
  • New CM9 Features
    • Holding Volume Up/Down while screen is off will change the current playing music.
    • Settings>Profiles
    • Settings>Developer Options>Root Access allows you to choose your root access mode.
    • Settings>Display>Rotation now has additional rotation options.
Release Notes
  • Thanks to user feedback, bbelos decided to leave the Dock Audio behavior as-is.  Alarm and ringtones will play from the phone's speaker, not the dock.
  • The newly working Sprint Visual Voicemail (see Customization Guide) has a few glitches, the most annoying of which is that it does not block the text messages from 9016 that you receive when there is a new voicemail.  We will fix this eventually.
Known Bugs
  • When using a wired headset, users have reported that the microphone volume is too low, making it difficult to be understood on the phone.
  • These issues are targeted to be fixed by, or after the crespo kernel merge.  bbelos is making good progress on the kernel-3.0.x port.  Not booting yet but getting closer.
    • CM9 for Epic is missing 5 of the 8 motion sensors usable in Gingerbread.  This apparently is the cause of auto-rotation not working for the minority of users.  Many of these users are able to make auto-rotation work by calibrating sensors using the temporary sdcard EL30.  Thanks to Joseph Shugzda for identifying this issue!
    • Maximum speaker volume is much smaller than Samsung's ROMs.
See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!


  1. wow!! dertDeezy epic user since Day one baby I'm on my 3rd epic best phone out still.. cm9 this RoM is the best my epics ever been THANK u!!


    Fastest download link to gapps 20120317

  3. keeping my epic until an official epic 2 comes out, not just a touch version

  4. hey you guys rule! I saw that the cyanogen mod team is going to work on the visual vm app and was wondering if you guys can use your magic to crack and customize the app to be able to work for those of us that use prepaid services with the epic or those of us that registered the epic on a different carrier? it would be a huge breakthrough and a miracle! and still having problems with american numbers that connect to oversees numbers skipping voicemail with cm9. its a bit frustrating not being able to leave a message when there is an 8 hr. difference. but i know that this rom is optional and that you guys are miracle workers! thanks so much for this amazing rom hope it transforms into something no other develeper can ever compete with! you guys rock!


    1. must be that thing they removed from the camera lol. its on mine too!

  6. I love the rom but I have a must use app for my job that will install but not let me login. The app is MyUsedcars and is a used car value guide for auto dealers. This app has worked with every other rom I have tried so far except this one. Not sure what is different or if there is something I can try to get it working but I will keep loading the new beta releases to see if anything changes. Nice Work!!!

    1. try to fix permissions by rebooting into "recovery".

    2. its in "advanced" then "fixed Permissions."

  7. Anybody having trouble with the Google News & Weather app? I use the weather section regularly but ever since Beta 0 it has crashing when I tap to get the time temp/precip graph. The rest of the app works OK, it's only when you tap the current weather to get to the detail that it dies.

  8. I know a lot of folks prefer the more balanced look of color saturation and such without the mDNIe driver enabled (as is the case in beta 1). I actually find text to be sharper, and the color saturation more appealing as it was with beta 0 with mDNIe enabled. Seeing as some like the change and others such as myself don't could we get the option to enable and disable mDNIe ourselves?

  9. Lovin' it! The problems reestablishing connections with pop servers and whatnot with wifi enabled in beta0 seems to be fixed in beta1. Super snappy speed on everything I've tried so far. Thanks, dev team!!

  10. Thank you thank you thank you I've fallen in love with my Epic 4G all over again. This from is awesome. You guys rock!

  11. I have found one issue with my phone running the Beta1. When making a phone call, as soon as the call is placed, the screen automatically goes dark as if the proximity sensor is functioning. This happens when you are no where near the sensor. It makes it difficult when calling a call center where you have to use dial prompts as you have to try to turn the phone back on using the power button.