Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shipping Epic 4G to Spain

Today we bought an Epic 4G from Craigslist for $60.  It works fine but the glass is cracked.  Tomorrow we are shipping it to Spain!  Makes total sense, right?

Sometimes I wish I had a real camera...

The CM9 crespo maintainer KalimochoAz will help us with our kernel-3.0.x port.  We will merge the Epic and Nexus S kernel into the same kernel tree, currently based on kernel-3.0.23.  Epic uses many of the same hardware drivers as crespo.  By merging our kernel source, we can more easily benefit from the combined efforts of our two sizable development and testing teams.  In the medium term we can explore the possibility of merging in other Samsung Galaxy S phones.  In the long-term, we hope to rebase the kernel to upstream kernel-3.4+ after Android mainlining is complete.  Perhaps we will one day be able to push our device drivers to the linux-next staging tree.  That is the vision.

Meanwhile, bbelos will have our team's Nexus S 4G.  He will work with KalimochoAz on the kernel-3.0.x port.  That way both developers will be able to verify that changes made to one phone does not break the other phone.

Should we begin calling it the Nexus Slide? =)

Update 4/25/2012:
This March 6th attempt to ship an Epic 4G to Spain seems to have disappeared in the mail.  We have now shipped another Epic, this time USPS Express Mail International with tracking and insurance.

Update 5/3/2012:
KalimAz finally received an Epic 4G in Spain!


  1. Very nice!
    Nexus Slide. Has a nice zing to it :D

  2. Noobnl has already been calling it the NexusS with a keyboard, but I like Nexus S Slide.

  3. You guys are on a roll ... love the kernel merger push!

  4. Nexus Slide sounds cool! Great work as always guys! This phone is starting to reach its potential