Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Journey toward CM9 beta2 for Epic 4G

Update: CM9 beta2 has been released!

We update this page often as things are fixed, so please check back periodically.

Name the Netflix show and episode # for brownie points
  • Update 4/8/2012: Due to code review and testing we have decided to abort the video decoding buffer RAM savings.  We will investigate for later releases and change this only if it is found to be 100% safe to reduce the RAM usage by reverting triple buffering to the video decoder double buffering behavior used in gingerbread.
  • Update 4/7/2012: Temporary kernel is available to help confirm the loud speaker volume fix.  Please reply in the Google+ thread if it works for you.
  • Update 3/31/2012: Please help to test and provide feedback for our first working Android 4.0.4 build.
  • Update 3/29/2012: Android 4.0.4 landed in AOSP, CM9 is now merging it.  This means the upcoming CM9 beta2 will be Android 4.0.4.  We will fix minimally the audio volume issue below, and test vigorously to be certain 4.0.4 did not introduce any regressions.
  • Update 3/28/2012: We now have an implementation plan to get rid of the text messages from 9016 that annoy Sprint VVM users.
  • Update 3/28/2012:  See this post for the latest status of the kernel-3.0.x porting work by bbelos.
  • New 3/26/2012: The cause of the annoying bug where photos appear in the wrong order in Gallery has been identified thanks to Cyc!  We will try to fix this... although we're not sure how at the moment.
  • Meanwhile KalimochoAz who agreed to help us with the kernel still has not received the Epic that we shipped to him on March 6th.  Not sure what is going on with USPS Priority Mail International shipping to Spain.
  • The winning guess of beta1's Netflix Name that Show made by smith.  Can you folks figure out this one?
  • Our sister phone Epic 4G Touch made their first CM9 alpha release.  Good work darchstar and sbrissen!  The Epic CM team is waiting for SGS3, hopefully with a slider keyboard and LTE.
  • See this Google+ post about the experimental ClockworkMod Touch for Epic 4G MTD.  It is not stable enough for CM9 inclusion anytime soon, but interesting to play with for advanced users only.
Changelog - Fixed for CM9 beta2
  • Wired Headset Microphone volume now louder in calls.
  • Loud Speaker Volume now louder.  Both phone calls and media (music, Netflix, etc.) should both be louder.
  • Android 4.0.4 brings a few fixes and improvements.
    • Users report a smoother overall experience and better battery life than 4.0.3.
    • Camera auto flash is now fixed with Android 4.0.4.
    • One user reported sync with Exchange server failed in 4.0.3 but now works with 4.0.4.
    • Camera pinch to zoom.
  • Updated to 4.0.4 crespo blobs.
  • Enabled tun in the kernel for VPN users.
Please see the Epic CM Issue Tracker to see currently known issues and what the developers are currently working on.  More details are available in the CM9 Status page.

If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!


  1. ...that affects* the Epic 4G.

    Great job guys! I'm really loving using this; I've got several "Ice Cream Sandwich?! Nice!" comments from onlookers ;)

  2. im needing the headphone volume/speaker fix soon. got some 50 dollar headphones im wanting to try out. :D i wondered why it didnt work. XD but keep up the great work!! been using cm9 since alpha 0 :D

  3. I am still using alpha 5 because the beta versions take off My app store usage like the icon is there but I click The app then it crashes also apps that I had are gone ...but the photo edit also didn't work correctly but everything else is great.!

  4. Looking forward to Beta2.

    I have no clue what show/episode that screenshot is from. I'm assuming nobody else does either. Can we get a hint or another screenshot from the same episode?

    1. Clue: There is royalty involved in this episode.

  5. also, does the smily button on the QWERTY work for anyone? Is there an alternative to sprint's visual voicemail? i like how it works, looking into youmail now.

    thanks so much to all for this contribution to the phone world

  6. Farscape, Season 2, Ep. 13 - Look at the Princess: Part 3: The Maltese Crichton

  7. awesome so far! Only 3 bugs I think of as mentioned above (if any alternative apps let me know)
    1. Volume seems kinda low - not as loud as before
    2. Sprint Voicemail - how do I know I have voicemail, I just get wierd messsage from 9016
    3. Smiley keyboard button