Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CM9 beta0 for Epic 4G released

The Epic CM team is proud to announce the release of CM9 beta0 for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G. Please follow us on Google+ or Facebook for the latest news!  This is an exciting new release as we now consider CM9 for Epic 4G to be of beta quality because all critical bugs are now fixed.  What remains are only annoyances or missing non-core functionality not yet implemented upstream in CM9.

Tour of Android 4 CM9 on Samsung Epic 4G
  • 36MB memory has been freed!  Upgraded the MFC driver to match crespo, then found the minimum amount of cache necessary to allow camera, camcorder and video playback to work.  This allowed us to free 36MB memory from the kernel.
  • Fixed the annoying disappearing sdcard ringtone issue.  Thanks to everyone who contributed discussion and logs on the problem!
  • Fixed visible artifacts during video playback.  Youtube, Netflix and other videos should be less distorted now.
  • Fixed 720p video playback skipping caused by the video artifacts fix.
  • Fixed the signal bars to behave like stock ROM.  No real change in signal, it just makes users feel better about the signal bars and Time Without Signal percentage.
  • Dock audio kernel support.  Requires the Galaxy Dock Sound Redirector app from Market.
  • Fixed (one cause of) data reconnection failures that otherwise aren't remedied by toggling mobile data or airplane mode, but only by reboot.
  • Quiet Hours settings allow you to customize the behavior of notifications during the night.
  • XZ compression of kernel shrinks the ROM size by 1MB.
  • Improvements to kernel build and debug support scripts.  Not relevant to users, but helpful to Epic kernel developers.
    Known Bugs (The Most Annoying)
    • Gallery: There is a serious bug in the Gallery app where it thinks certain recent photos are from year 1969.  This affects both CM9 Gallery2.apk and Google's GalleryGoogle.apk.  We are trying to diagnose this problem.
    • Battery: Sometimes the camera is stuck on after you are no longer using the camera app, causing the battery to drain quickly even when the CPU is in deep sleep.  Until we fix this bug, please reboot the phone if you notice faster battery drain after using the camera.  Camera and Google Talk have been known to trigger this bug.
    • Battery: If your sdcard has many files you should add .nomedia files to all directories that do not contain media like photos or music so the media scanner will skip them.  You especially want .nomedia in directories containing CWM or Titanium backups.  For most people media scanning takes only a few seconds, but some experience 30+ minutes of 100% CPU usage during media scanning due to a rare bug that we have not yet been able to isolate.
    See the CM9 Status page for more details. Then proceed to the CM9 Install Guide.  Please check if your bugs are already filed in the Epic CM Issue Tracker.

    If you appreciate this work, please consider supporting the Epic CM team. Thank you!


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    3. Congratulations guys! I am loving CM9 on the Epic!

    4. can you please add no limit to the timeout on the bottom backlit buttons? thus far they auto shut off after a few seconds and this is EXTREMELY ANNOYING. please add a zero timeout option!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

    5. Wow no more Alpha status, thanks for the hard work making this rom awesome.

    6. A quick question for the awesome cm team, We have Eight sensors in our stock roms and in cm7, but in CM9 there are three sensors that are missing only five show, are they not compatible with Android 4.0? Thanks for all the hard work!

      1. Interesting, what app shows you the eight or three sensors?

      2. I used quardrant standard, I posted pics of cm7 sensors and cm9 sensors at sdx here you go

      3. Can you post it anywhere else? I can't see anything there. I don't want to create an account there.

      4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      5. Never mind here is a pic of CM7 sensors

        And Pic of CM9 sensors

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      1. What bugs? I'm running Beta 0 and it works absolutely flawless. I even get great battery life. If something isn't working right for you I gaurantee it's user error. If it was "the build" I would also have issues which I have none.

        They actually "do" control this corner of the internet as it's "their" page they are hosting and maintaining. If they don't want that kind of language then don't use it. They are "1337" as they've done worlds beyond what we expected with this device and have done it in nothing but their spare time. What contribution have you made to Epic development? If the answer is none, then stfu and move along. If you can't properly install the build, or just plain don't like it, then stfu and move along.

        Cm Team: Great job guys. Your working your asses off and it's really starting to pay off. Thank you, all of you.

      2. I find your language and arrogance as well as your abusive language distasteful to say the least. The Cyanogenmod team IS "l337", as they have put in countless hours of hard work with little to no compensation to give us, the end users, a nice alternative to stock ROMs. In comparison, what have YOU done for the Android community? I mean, other than posting rude, hate filled rants? What??? Nothing, you say? Not a thing? The SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!

        No warranty is implied or expressed. All use of these ROMs are at your own risk. If you have problems with that, tough! Read the forums, or go back to stock! No one here owe you ANYTHING! Got it? Good! Now get lost, loser!

    8. There is still a bug that has exist since Alpha-0. I set my phone's resolution to MDPI, (LCD density set to 160). Phone app crashes when the in-call UI is brought up (either when receiving a call, or sending a call).

      Also, the power options menu does not show up when on MDPI.

      These bugs are very easy to reproduce, but I will provide moredetails if necessary.

      1. Altering the build then experiencing a bug isn't a bug within the build. Run it as is and there are no crashes and everything shows up fine.

      2. I am aware of this, however earlier builds of CM7 ran just as fine with the resolution set higher.

        I'm thinking these bugs are more of an upstream thing that's yet to be fixed on other tablet builds of CM9.

        I only run with the higher resolution because the default resolution is way too big.

    9. I am stoked to see bluetooth voice dialing works on this! I had suffered the stock "upgrade" to gingerbread, which broke this functionality. I tried several other new roms and none fixed the issue. Thanks for all of your hard work!!