Monday, March 26, 2012

Kernel 3.0.x Boots! (Sort of...)

After weeks of effort, bbelos got the kernel-3.0.x to boot on the Epic 4G!

Well... nothing works.  No radios.  No camera.  No sdcard.  It also crashes very quickly.

Anyway, this is progress!  bbelos continues work on the kernel merge.  Still could be a few weeks before it is as stable as our existing 2.6.35 kernel.

UPDATE 3/27/2012: I forgot to mention, we are not 100% sure this is possible yet, but we are hoping the crespo kernel merge will allow us to use crespo4g (Nexus S 4G) proprietary blobs including the crespo4g modem and menus that allow Activation, Profile, PRL Update and sensor calibration. If crespo4g's modem works on Epic with this new kernel, then we will be able to provide a complete flashable Heimdall image to flash any Epic directly to CM9, and you would have no reason to ever go back to TW rom.

UPDATE 4/1/2012: bbelos wrote this status update on Google+.
Just a quick update on the Epic4g Kernel 3.0.x port:

What works
MTD/YAFFS2 partitions, Calls / texts, 3G Data, GPS, Bluetooth (activates, device pairing untested), Touchscreen, Softkeys, 
Keyboard (mostly), Reboot to recovery, adb

what doesn't work yet
Sleep issues (system is stable when connected to a pc), Audio, Wifi, sdcard

Anything not listed has either not been attempted to date or has just gone untested.


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    1. Marcos, I too would like some answers and/or thoughts on the first 4 questions above. Anyone?

  2. HDMI is nice but on a much more useful note, any hope for USB host mode?

  3. @Marcos - I didn't even realize QWERTY was even being thought about as an option for SGIII. If this is true, it makes my future phone upgrade decisions so much easier!

    Just when I thought I had to ditch the keyboard, they go and do something like this.. ..and totally redeem themselves!

    Now back on topic - Yes, you can hopefully expect the standard array of features to come with the new kernel. I'm looking forward to v3.3 (distant future).

    1. ...but that John Denver's still full of shit!

  4. ETA? Sorry, had to do that... great work, can't wait to see it in full action, and not really fishing for an ETA. Wouldn't want that extra day added on to the next release, or killed kittens.